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Rapid Tax 5 Federal Income Tax Preparation We have filed over 120,000 tax returns. We have been in San Antonio for over 25 years! Thank you for being part of our team!

Operating as usual


We are open at 4 locations from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Please call first for appointment.

We only allow one person (and spouse) at a time (no children please). Please bring your mask.

We will be open full time at all offices on July the 8th through July 15th. You can schedule an Appointment by calling our office. The call goes straight to their cell phones, also.


We are still open by appointment, and will reopen on July 8 through July 15. If you would like to make an appointment, please call 210-377-3700 and press zero to get to the directory. Push the number to the office that you would like to make an appointment with, and the phone will ring directly through to the managers cell phone.οΏΌοΏΌ


We are Still Open
You can schedule an Appointment by calling any of our office number, press 3 for the company directory to connect with the manager for that office.


Stimulus Payments

You can check on the IRS Website to see if your stimulus payment has been processed. All Stimulus checks will be mailed to the address on file by Republic Bank unless you did Direct Deposit. We will not be receiving any Stimulus checks in the offices. For further information, please call Republic at 866-491-1040. If you have moved, please call Republic at 866-581-1040 to update your address. Only Republic can answer your question if they have received your stimulus check.


With 5 San Antonio locations, we have been in business over 25 years and we guarantee to get you the largest refund that you qualify allowed by law! You cannot find a cheaper and more qualified tax preparation service in San Antonio.

(210) 377-3700 - 5108 Fredericksburg Rd
(210) 880-1200 - 10714 Perrin-Beitel
(210) 534-7400 - 2904 S New Braunfels Ave
(210) 533-0300 - 1107 Fair Ave
(210) 675-4000 7475 W Military Dr

The Free Vacation Rooms are still available to anyone who has or wants to file their Tax return with us through April 15...

The Free Vacation Rooms are still available to anyone who has or wants to file their Tax return with us through April 15th. Tell your friends!! Share this Post

File now and get a free vacation on us. You pay the room taxes, we pay the room. Almost anywhere in the world!

File now and get a free vacation on us. You pay the room taxes, we pay the room. Almost anywhere in the world!


We are opening tomorrow, Jan 2nd at 10 am... Money.. money.. money!!!


We are just one month away from opening. It looks like we will have the preseason loans available at that time! Y’all come and see us.


Good new for those of you who have not received your refund yet. It looks like most (not all) will have their refund released on Feb 26th & Feb 27th.

If you have filed with us, and you have received a letter from the IRS, please bring it in or get it to us. Do NOT disregard that letter, especially if they are asking for more information! Like a 1095A, your child's birth certificate, etc.


Update: Remember, you will get a text when the IRS releases your refund. The IRS has only release 48% This Year To Date Compared to 78% for Last Year, for all filers that filed before February 5th. We don't Expect any more major funding until after 4pm, next Thursday February 28th.


We have receive over 400 check print authorizations on a list. The checks should be ready after 5 pm today. Please call the office where you filed. After 5pm, if you are on the list, we should have your check ready. Please bring a picture ID and any W2's or other information that we still need.


We will call you and you will get a text if your refund is released… We are hearing that some IRS funding will be in by Thursday Feb 21st or Friday Feb 22nd for those people who have filed before February 5th. We will keep our finger crossed.


The scammers are out there and taking advantage of the IRS shutdown. Please, don't believe that anyone can get you more information about your refund.

We know that we can't get information from the IRS. But the scammers who say "they know how to get information for you", just want your Social Security Number.

Don't give in!!!


We are printing IRS release checks for those who do NOT have EIC or AOTC. Those people with EITC or AOTC (kids credits) are not being to released till late February. I am guessing at Feb 22nd. Hopefully it will come sooner, as we are all getting impatient.


Tax Forms, Receipts, Rules?

What a headache. πŸ˜– How did life get so complicated?

Let us take care of the heavy lifting. How about πŸ’²6000 Cold Cash?


Give us a call (210) 377-3700 and we will fix you up!


The IRS has announced that they will begin accepting and processing all individual returns on Monday, January 28.

This is not stopping us from processing returns. If you need money now, come see us about an Easy Advance up to $6000. We have already printed more than $350,000 in checks already.

We are here to help you any way we can!


We are already printing checks up to $6000! Come get your money now, No need of the hassle of preparing your own tax return. Our professional tax preparers will handle everything for you.


We are open! Checks are printing now within 2 hours, get your money up to $6000!


$6000 in early January? Absolutely! We are very excited to be able to offer you up to $6000 early in 2019. We will open January 2nd at all 5 San Antonio locations. You can find our locations on the internet at https://www.rapidtax.org/locations . Bring your picture ID, W2, or last paycheck stub, social security cards, and any other information we need to complete your tax return.


Have you filed yet?

Did you know, the longer you wait to file:
1. The higher the risk of identity theft becomes.
2. The longer you are giving the government an interest free loan.
3. A shorter time period to pay any fines.
4. More paperwork and higher prep fees.

Rapid Tax 5's cover photo

Rapid Tax 5's cover photo

Rapid Tax 5

Rapid Tax 5


We have begun sending tax returns for the $1200 Instant Cash Advance. As soon as the IRS starts acknowledging se returns, we will start printing check! Last year, we started getting acknowledgement on the 12th. Keep your fingers crossed!


We have already started sending tax returns yesterday and it is only January 5th!

San Antonio Tax Preparation Locations Nearest You

We are not waiting on IRS delays! We are printing checks Now!

Don't let the IRS keep your money. File with us & apply for $400-$750 advance check at no cost to you. You can also get up to $3750 instantly!

Call 377-3700 for the San Antonio tax preparation locations nearest you. Where is the nearest San Antonio location to file or prepare your federal income taxes.

Be a Spurs Fan and get it done today at Rapid Tax! Call us now at (210) 377-3700 to find the location nearest you!Please...

Be a Spurs Fan and get it done today at Rapid Tax!

Call us now at (210) 377-3700 to find the location nearest you!

Please like our page!

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We have already started printing checks!

No W2? No problem!!

Bring your last paycheck stub by and we will figure out your federal tax refund. We can possibly download your W2 online and file your taxes early! Come by and let's see what we can do!


5108 Fredericksburg Rd
San Antonio, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00
Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 11:00 - 16:00


(210) 377-3700


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What’s going on with the Fredericksburg location
I filed on the 2nd... and still haven’t heard nothing about my advance, they keep talking about nobody got there’s yet. Everybody there act like they don’t know nothing. It wasn’t like that last year.