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Skypass Consultant Services We offer financial services while specializing in government contract accounting and small business bookkeeping.

We offer full service bookkeeping for small businesses.


It’s business day 3 of the new month. For most small to medium businesses you should be officially closed with May. That brings us to the last month of the first half of the year. Where do you stand financially? Do you know how much you’ve earned this year? What about how much you spent? Let us help give you a financial check up and help propel you to finish 2020 strong.

As of today you have 3 business days left in the month. You should be wrapping up your May and posting JE’s to the ledge...

As of today you have 3 business days left in the month. You should be wrapping up your May and posting JE’s to the ledger...but here’s a question what’s a JE??? 🧐🧐🧐 Let’s discus how you close the month or what you should be doing to close the month. Contact me today for a #FREE 30 min consult. #accounting #bookkeeping #smallbusiness #collection #backoffice #sanantonio #virtual #texas


How much time (hours) do you spend a month doing your own bookkeeping?

Is this you? Don’t let this happen to your books. No business can run efficiently on hope and prayers. Hire a bookkeeper...

Is this you? Don’t let this happen to your books. No business can run efficiently on hope and prayers. Hire a bookkeeper to help manage your back office while you focus on the product/services. We are currently offering #FREE 30 min consultation to see if our services are a good fit for your business, contact us today to schedule your appointment. #bookkeeping #accounting #financialservices #smallbusiness #sanantonio #texas #virtual

Invest in your back office. So many entrepreneurs don’t realize that they are bleeding cash because they can’t see how m...

Invest in your back office. So many entrepreneurs don’t realize that they are bleeding cash because they can’t see how much they are spending to make a sale. We are taking new clients reach out for a #FREE 30 min consult of our services. #bookkeeping #accounting #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #skypassconsulting #finanicalknowledge #texas #sanantonio #sanantoniosmallbusiness

Skypass Consultant Services's cover photo

Skypass Consultant Services's cover photo


How is your business doing during this COVID-19?? Now is the perfect time to get some back office work done. Set up an free 30 min consultation to see how we can help organize your book and build a better financial foundation to propel you forward.


Happy Monday!!!! It’s it’s the 4th business day of the new month you should be preparing to soft close today.

A soft close allow you to see where the prior month ended as well as serve as a stoping point for entries into AR or AP. You can do accrual JE’s if you use an accrual base accounting, before you officially close.

Who has contracts with the Government??? Are you unsure how government accounting works? We can help, with over 10 years...

Who has contracts with the Government??? Are you unsure how government accounting works? We can help, with over 10 years in government contract finance working with multiple branch’s of the federal to state to city government.


Have you closed September??? We are at the 9 business day of the month, if you haven’t completed a hard close, you should have a soft close done.


Are all your receipts for the year tossed in a shoebox??? Let us get your books in order and organize for tax season and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a consult.


We are officially in the final quarter of 2019. Are you ready for 2020? Are you ready for tax season?? Contact us today for a free 30 min business consult to see if our service fit your business needs.


Transactions, kind of an open end word.

Transactions include purchases, sales and payment to/from your company.


Q...What do bookkeepers do????

A....We ensure all your company’s expenses, income and transactions are recorded properly to your books. We also reconcile the financial accounts monthly. I also offer a cash flow report with six week projections.


We are on vacation now through Sep 12. No emails or phone calls will be answered until we return. Thank you and enjoy your week...


Determine Which Accounting Method You Will Use...

There are two standard systems of accounting you can use for your business, cash basis accounting and accrual accounting.

Cash accounting records transactions at the time cash actually changes hands and is usually only recommended for businesses which do business strictly in cash payments.

The accrual method uses the matching principle to record revenues and expenses in the period they occur, regardless of when payments are made or received. The accrual method can be a bit more complicated, but is usually the best choice for any business which will be invoicing clients.

Another acceptable option is modified cash basis, which is between cash and accrual. Modified cash basis means you are on cash basis except you record bills in Accounts payable and you send out invoices to clients which means you have Accounts Receivable on the books.

You should determine which system is appropriate for your business before you conduct your first transaction.


Keep Track Of Cash Payments...

Any cash received should be paid into the business bank account or petty cash before spending it.

It can be tempting to take the cash right away to purchase supplies but this might cause a mess in the bookkeeping system.

For example, the bookkeeper/owner might:

Forget which customer paid the money which can lead to some embarrassment if the customer is phoned some weeks later for payment... and they have already paid! It could also appear as tax evasion because the income is not being declared in the system.


Forget to include the purchase in the books - these expenses definitely need to be entered in to the accounts to help keep your taxes down!


Don’t Overlook Managerial Accounting...

Many small businesses tend to focus their accounting on taxation and compliance. That’s fine, and obviously necessary, but it’s also important to work with your accountant and bookkeeper to ensure that you have measures in place to allow for managerial accounting. If you have the ability to access and manipulate your accounting data in a way that readily informs your business decisions, it can help you plan for growth.

When small businesses get started, they are typically in “crisis mode,” simply trying to cope with operational challenges as they come to them. However, entrepreneurs should take the time to structure accounting categories and procedures that allow for easy analysis, trend spotting, and business planning, in addition to simple tax compliance. The benefits of making time to create a more robust accounting infrastructure from the start will return exponential benefits, allowing easy scalability and growth.


Automate whatever you can...

Entering data into spreadsheets and reconciling numbers manually is so old school. Use cloud-based bookkeeping software, and do your business banking online. That way, you can sync your bookkeeping software with your business bank account so you always have accurate, up-to-the-minute records. Plus, with the cloud, your critical financial data is backed up safely off-site.


Keep records of business expenses...

So many changes to the tax code were made in 2018 that you should consult your accountant for guidance on what kinds of expenses you can deduct. For anything you think you’ll be claiming, maintain detailed records; save time by scanning and digitizing receipts. You can also simplify expense tracking by always using a business credit card for business purchases.


Keep a close eye on accounts receivable...

When customers don’t pay on time, your business’s cash flow can dry up fast. Pay attention to when your receivables are due and contact late-paying customers right away to nudge them along. Even if a customer is having financial problems, you may be able to set up a payment plan to get at least some of what you’re owed.


Stay on top of tax deadlines....

To avoid getting caught short, plan ahead and set aside money for any anticipated tax bills. Pay on time so you don’t face fines. The IRS website’s tax calendar for businesses can sync with your own cloud-based calendar so you never miss a deadline; it can even send you reminders a week or two before a payment is due.

No time like the present to give your business a check up. Review your annual goals, marketing strategies, see what’s wo...

No time like the present to give your business a check up. Review your annual goals, marketing strategies, see what’s working what’s not. Make adjustments where needed to end the year in the black.

Natina's Bookkeeping Services

Natina's Bookkeeping Services


We are over halfway done with January, do you know where your cash flow stand????


It’s been a long time coming, but I know a change gone come....

Sam Cook


How many of you realized on Dec 31 that you didn't keep up on your books like you thought??? Did you know that CPA charge more because he has to clean your books before he can start on your taxes? But here's a better question did you know how mush liquid cash you had on hand verses "revenue" and any giving moment last year???


Smile, breathe and go slowly....
Thich Nhat Hanh


Is it to late to say Happy New Year????

Well I'm say it anyway Welcome to 2018, how's the new year treating you thus far???

Natina's Bookkeeping Services

Natina's Bookkeeping Services

Natina's Bookkeeping Services's cover photo

Natina's Bookkeeping Services's cover photo


And we are at that magical day we call Friday!!! Have a great weekend.


Business Tip:

Make Sure Your Customers Know the Face Behind the Product
One of the biggest reasons that small businesses fail is because of the persistent absence of the business owner. You only need to look at a few episodes of business makeover TV shows like Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Tabatha Takes Over to witness what can go wrong if a business is left to run itself. Without an actively engaged owner, employees lose motivation and structure, which can quickly lead to sloppy service, a poor product and customer churn. Yes, your business needs to be able to function without your constant presence, but it’s important to strike a balance – find ways to make sure your customers know you and connect with the face behind the business. Businesses really thrive when the energy of the owner is there.


You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
Mae West


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When you use my professional bookkeeping services, you get more than a collection of records and reports. You get the benefit of my skills, experience, and expertise. I’m happy to invest the time to make sure that you understand and utilize all of the information I provide. Call me whenever you have a question or concern. Contact me to learn more about my Small Business Bookkeeping services.

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